Communities, Legislation and Animal welfare 

Our work doesn't stop at the clinic and shelter. SPCA's goal has long been to take veterinary services to our communities and to those stray animals most in need. In March 2019, we launched our CLAW programme - Communities, Legislation and Animal Welfare.  CLAW aims to coordinate teams of international volunteer veterinarians to visit target villages and settlements, providing wellness checks, deworming, vaccinations and desexing of dogs and cats.  Read more about CLAW's inception at our blog page here.   


“International volunteers are our mainstay - without their dedication, SPCA is limited in what we can do for our communities.”

— Amanda Millar, SPCA


“Healthy pets mean healthy communities and happier people! Animals are part of our family and we are grateful for your service to them.”

— CLAW Client 

How CLAW works

SPCA provides highly subsidised desexing services and welfare support for animals at our clinic in Suva. The CLAW programme aims to take this service to target communities that otherwise have no access to veterinary services.  ​

This work is only possible through access to volunteer veterinarians, sponsorships and partnerships.

Regular outreach sessions are scheduled depending on availability of local and international veterinarians.

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Thank you Dog Trust Worldwide for funding our August 2022 intensive desexing programme in Nabua and Vatuwaqa! 

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June 2022 

With visiting veterinarian Dr Mel ?? , we desexed 204 dogs and cats in 9 days in 3 locations.

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august 2022

Dogs Trust Worldwide  

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trap neuter and release 

This ongoing activity is possible in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Suva City Council and through financial assistance from the government. 

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