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SPCA Services 

The prices provided give a general idea of costs. Please note that final costs will depend on overall health of the animal and additional treatments needed. Call us for an appointment and advice on fees.

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Desexing (spay and neuter)

​Dogs: $60.00 - $90.00 (depending on weight)

Cat (female): $45.00

Cat (male): $25


Please phone us for appointments and other details.


Note that prices may vary due to health and size of pet.



Other services

Health and wellness programmes


Parasite control

Spay and neuter surgery (desexing)

Sick or injured animal visits

Imaging such as x-ray

General surgery

Dog licence ($13.50)

Adoption Fees


Adoption fees

​Adult Dog:   $63.50​​​

Adult Cat:    $40.00

Kitten:         $70.00

Puppy:        $90.00

Prices include defleaing, deworming, desexing and vaccinations. ​​​​​

Adoptions are available by appointment only due to COVID protocol requirements

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