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Be Prepared! Make up a Pet First-Aid Kit

Emergencies can strike at any time, whether you are safely at home or driving to work. A vet may not always be available so a first aid kit can come in useful. Here is a list of items to keep on hand at all times. We suggest keeping one set in your car and one at home.

1. Your nearest vet phone number (SPCA is 9980023 or 3301266. After hours emergency number is 9922364).

2. Tarp or heavy blanket (to use as a stretcher)

3. Blanket or towel (to cover the injured animal).

4. Waterproof sheet or tarpaulin (for cover from the elements).

5. Hand towels (for applying pressure to bleeding wound)

6. Pads of clean cloth or gauze (for placing over cleaned wounds)

7. Rolled bandage material or long strips of cloth (for keeping wound pads in place)

8. Honey or antibiotic ointment (for small wounds)

9. A saline (saltwater) solution (for washing out wounds)

10. Clean water (bottled water or boiled cooled water)

11. Hydrogen peroxide (small amounts to trigger vomiting)

12. Milk of Magnesia or charcoal slurry (to absorb poisons or toxins)

13. Antihistamine for allergic reactions

14. Pet First Aid booklet to give detailed instructions on when and how to use these items.

Other items you should have ready for any disaster include:

  • leash and secure carrier or box for smaller animals and cats;

  • food and water (enough for one week at least);

  • waterproof plastic sheet;

  • food and water bowls;

  • your pet medications;

  • liquid soap or shampoo.

Don't leave it to the last minute! Make your preparations now.

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