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The SPCA Animal Care Guide

It's 48 pages jam-packed with all kinds of information on how to take care of your animals in Fiji. This is SPCA's first attempt to address the many questions and concerns of pet owners in one place!

It may not answer ALL your questions, but it's a start for first-time pet owners and anyone interested in improving the well-being of dogs, cats and farm and work animals in their care.

Professional veterinary care is often not readily available to many of Fiji's communities - rural and urban. So preventative care is the best approach when it comes to animals. Whether we keep animals for food, to guard our property, to provide transport, or for companionship, we will reap greater benefits if they are healthy and happy.

This booklet introduces and builds on the concept of the "five freedoms" in animal welfare and reminds us that animals are sentient beings. They feel emotions, including pain, distress, joy, in the same way that humans do. This is not an easy concept for everyone to accept and it will take a lot of education for change some behaviours and practices that have become ingrained in our lives. We hope that this booklet will help provide the resources to change mindsets and bring about a better environment for the animals of Fiji.

We invite you to freely download a copy or purchase a hard copy (each copy sold will go towards review and reprinting more booklets for community use).

The Animal Care Guide was produced and printed with funding through the Ministry of Agriculture. It will form the basis of our public education programmes and can even be used in schools.

To report any errors or to propose edits to the SPCA Animal Care Guide, please contact

For quick access to other resources on pet care, click here.

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