SPCA Services 

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Desexing (spay and neuter)

​Dogs 2-20kg: $60.00

Dogs 20kg+: $90.00

Cat (female): $45.00

Cat (male): $25


Please phone us for appointments and other details.


Note that prices may vary due to health and size of pet.



Other services

General health checks



Wound Repair

Pregnancy Scans and C Sections

Ultrasounds, X-Ray Referral

Blood Tests

Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery


Dog licence ($13.50)

Adoption Fees


Adoption fees

​Adult Dog:   $63.50​​​

Adult Cat:    $40.00

Kitten:         $70.00

Puppy:        $90.00

Prices include defleaing, deworming, desexing and vaccinations. ​​​​​

Adoptions available during standard hours and Saturdays and Sundays

(please call first on Sundays)